Been Kinda Quiet Around Here…

23 09 2009

I have not been in a very bloggy mood lately. Not since July, in fact. I realized that my last post was while I was at DCLA09 at the L.A. Convention Center…
It just so happens that I’m on my way back to L.A. to work the National Youth Worker’s Convention. I’m excited about being around all my YS peeps again, ministering to fellow Youth Workers, and being spiritually & emotionally refreshed.
It was hard to leave this time.
1. I never like leaving my family, but really didn’t want to this week.
2. We have some great momentum going in the ministry, and I hope the momentum happens in spite of me not because of me. I hope I get back and everything is rollin’ right along.
3. Travel isn’t cheap, and I question whether or not this trip was a wise decision financially.

When it’s all said and done, I committed to being a part of the YS team for this week. They’re even making me a lead for the Seminar Team. (I think that means I go get Michelle and Kelley coffee whenever they want it, but we’ll see.)

Regardless, L.A. here I come!


The Rookie

26 04 2009

We had students over tonight for our “Dinner and a Movie” night. We watched Disney’s “The Rookie.”

I love the movie- it’s a feel good flick, it’s clean enough to show High School students, and it’s based on a real life story.

You can read more about the real Jim Morris here.

One disappointment is that the movie completely ignores Morris’ faith in Christ.  He gives all glory to God for his success in baseball.

Good stuff….

Looking forward

15 04 2009

I haven’t looked forward to a summer this much in, well… a very long time.
We have some fantastic events coming up in the next 90 days.
-Two Summer Camps in San Diego.
-DCLA at the L.A. Convention Center.
-One Service Project in San Diego.

To top all that off, we have a great plan for Summer Club. I haven’t decided what to call it (“Hot Summer Nights” or “Sunday Night Live” are in the running). Whatever we call it, it will be low-key, a great time to hang out and connect with students.

I love where we are in our ministry right now. I pray daily that God will continue to guide and direct our ministry, and make it HIS ministry.

Ecumenical Ministry

29 03 2009

So I’m going to Mass tomorrow. Growing up in a Baptist church, I didn’t have much exposure to the Catholic Church.

Now that I work with Catholic and Protestant kids… I try to get to Mass once a month.

I’m going tomorrow.

There is something beautiful about Mass. I kinda feel like I got ripped off growing up without the beauty of liturgy. Glad I can connect with it now!

I was 15 once

23 03 2009

One of my guys was hurting tonight… you know, girl problems. I almost just blew him off, told him to suck it up, and quit ruining my program.

Then I remembered- I was 15 once, and in love, and had my heart broken, too!

Thank you, Lord, for giving me the insight to shut my mouth, listen, and tell him that I care and understand where he’s at.

Face Time

17 03 2009

Students are busy these days. I almost feel like I need to set appointments up a week ahead of time to have lunch with a kid.

Was I this busy in High School? I know I played sports, was involved in Youth Group, hung out with friends. But if my Youth Pastor called and wanted to have lunch… I dropped everything and went.

I don’t think it’s me. I think kids are busy. Too busy. And the stuff they are busy with is really not important when it comes to what really matters.

How do I help them slow down?

They’re listening!

11 02 2009

A month ago, I had a heart to heart with two guys. I shared that I see them as leaders, and that when God gets a hold of their lives, they are going to do amazing things!

I always wonder how much of that sinks in…

Last Sunday, one of the guys little sisters walks up and says “I heard you tell Brother that you think he’s gonna be a great leader… he was telling me and mom about it this morning.” Mind you, this was three weeks after that conversation.

I guess he was listening.