Wow! #dcla

28 06 2009

I’m currently sitting in the lobby of the L.A. Convention Center. We brought a great group of nine students to this conference, and are taking 7 of them down to San Diego for camp tomorrow afternoon. (another 6 are coming straight from AZ to meet us there)

I’ll write more later, but let me say one thing: “Big Room” has been amazing.
-Worship with Starfield
-Francis Chan
-Shane Claiborne
-Skit Guys
-Kendall Payne
-Mandee What’shername

They are basically telling the story of the Bible from cover to cover in about 10 hours, using interactive/multimedia/storytelling. I’m impressed, and I’m not easy to impress when it comes to media/tech/”wow” factor.

I’ll break down more of my thoughts when I’m not so tired.