Been Kinda Quiet Around Here…

23 09 2009

I have not been in a very bloggy mood lately. Not since July, in fact. I realized that my last post was while I was at DCLA09 at the L.A. Convention Center…
It just so happens that I’m on my way back to L.A. to work the National Youth Worker’s Convention. I’m excited about being around all my YS peeps again, ministering to fellow Youth Workers, and being spiritually & emotionally refreshed.
It was hard to leave this time.
1. I never like leaving my family, but really didn’t want to this week.
2. We have some great momentum going in the ministry, and I hope the momentum happens in spite of me not because of me. I hope I get back and everything is rollin’ right along.
3. Travel isn’t cheap, and I question whether or not this trip was a wise decision financially.

When it’s all said and done, I committed to being a part of the YS team for this week. They’re even making me a lead for the Seminar Team. (I think that means I go get Michelle and Kelley coffee whenever they want it, but we’ll see.)

Regardless, L.A. here I come!




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