Life together

4 06 2009

I’m all about “doing life together” with students.  I want to be part of their lives in the good times and the bad. Right now it hurts to be so involved in some of their lives though.

Lately, Janelle and I have been looking at each other and saying “what were they thinking?” or “how can they be so boneheaded/stupid/clueless/rebellious?”  I’m all about loving kids where they are at.  When they continue to make stupid choices, it makes me crazy!  I guess now I know how God feels on a daily basis with me. 🙂

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2 responses

4 06 2009
Brit Windel

my comment was that i see my students as broken as i am and all of us are broken. i see my job is to walk along side them directing them the healer and fixer. a phrase that i use in our ministry is…”we allow you to screw up…we just won’t allow you to BE a screw up”

a great book to read is Bonhoeffer’s Life Together & Willards Divine Conspiracy

4 06 2009

Thanks for the comments… I love the “screw up” quote.

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