1 06 2009

We are excited about our summer-

2 Camps (Hume San Diego)

1 Youth Conference (DCLA 09)

1 Service Project (Back to San Diego)

1 YFC Regional Conference

1 Trip back to SoCal to retrieve our kids

It is going to be a crazy, wonderful, wild, full, busy, hectic, fun, incredible summer.  I’m excited about all of it…

Except for the driving.

I just added up the mileage that I’ll cover between now and the end of July.


Yup. Five thousand, two hundred miles.  In under 60 days.  Some People Call Me Mom (my hot wife) will cover every bit of that minus 700 miles.

My butt hurts just thinking about it.  Thank you, Lord for iPods, coffee, and sunflower seeds.




One response

1 06 2009
Paul McIver

Our miles will be about the same, with out the posterior wear and tear. At least sunflower seeds are on the highly recommended list for Mac travel. If you get a moment, can you put dates with all that going and coming.?

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