Granola Head

21 05 2009

If you didn’t know already, cooking is one of my loves in life.  Unfortunately, so is eating.

I’m not the heaviest I’ve ever been… that was back when Janelle was pregnant with Lachlan, and I was pushing 290+.  Now that I no longer wear the green suit, I’m not “encouraged” to do PT every morning.  Plus, as I’ve passed Thirty, the ol’ metabolism isn’t what it used to be.  That, coupled with some high cholesterol and Blood Pressure, and it’s time to get serious about watching what I eat, regular exercise, etc.

The point of all of that is that I’ve been trying to figure out a “healthy” breakfast that I could eat every morning that doesn’t taste like shredded cardboard.

I know there’s stuff in a box out there that fits the bill. (Kashi, Granola, etc)  The problem is simple though- eating healthy is expensive, and I’m a little cheap when it comes to spending money on myself at the grocery store.

I remember Mom making granola from scratch when I was a kid.  Of course back then I was always jonesin’ for Rice Krispies & Frosted Flakes, so in comparison granola DID taste like shredded cardboard.  Now that my tastebuds have matured a little, I can appreciate some things I didn’t when I was little.

This morning I made my first batch of granola, based loosely on a recipe I found on the interweb.  If I hadn’t left it in five minutes too long, it would have turned out awesome!  So tonight I made two more batches, assisted by #2. One is a honey/cinnamon recipe Liam can eat (no nuts).  The other has slivered almonds, dried fruit, and a little extra brown sugar.  That one’s for my yogurt in the morning.

They’re both tasty, and cost way less to make than a bag from the store that’s only half the size.

Tomorrow- “30 Day Shred”… stay tuned!




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