I’m in love…

13 05 2009

I’m in love with my wife.

We’ve been married for 12 1/2 years- pretty amazing, right?  If you’ve known us the entire time, you know that we’ve been through a wild ride.  When Janelle said “I do” I don’t think she could even begin to imagine the adventure that life would take us on over the next decade plus:





More kids

Spiritual valleys

Financial stupidity on my part difficulties



SIXTEEN different cars (it’s genetic)

Some tough times

Lots more great times

Finally surrendering to OUR calling in life

I’m so grateful to have Janelle in my life.  She truly is my best friend.  I try to love her a little better every day.  Some days I do a great job.  Some days, not so much.  But I’m thrilled to say that at the end of the day, I’m still IN LOVE WITH MY WIFE.




3 responses

15 05 2009

Awwww…that’s tender 🙂

15 05 2009
Jason Worsley


I am certainly glad that you are still in love with your wife! I pray that your love grows continues to grow!

15 05 2009
Paul McIver

No sooner than we talk about the possibility of getting a car while in CA, you mention the ” genetic” thing. The rest was heartfelt and strong.

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