Swine Flu

29 04 2009

This post is NOT about Swine Flu.  However, it seems to be the buzzword these days.  I’m just curious as to what kind of response I’d get via any search engine if I wrote a post that included phrases like:

Swine Flu

Treatment of Swine Flu

Prevention of Swine Flu

Symptoms of Swine Flu

I actually had a student skip an event that was in a public place because, according to him, “since there are people from different states there, there is a 16% chance that I could get swine flu.”

I don’t mean to be callous, cold, or flippant about this.  I understand that people have lost their lives, and people are scared.  However, no one makes this big a deal about Human Flu, which kills about 36,000 people a year, even with vaccines and treatments available.  That’s 3000 people a month.  100 a day.  But we don’t read about this much on the news.

I hate the MainStream Media!




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