8 04 2009

“Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions”
Mike Ditka

“Every home in Europe has it’s own coffee press. In fact, every room.”
Will Ferrell

I love coffee. Lately I’ve been wholeheartedly dedicated to my coffee press. The umber nectar is so much smoother and richer from a press- not bitter at all. It has something to do with not using a paper filter, which filters out all the oils, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a coffee snob. I know all the places in town to get a free cup o’ joe… Wal-Mart tire center. Lowe’s Contractor’s Desk. Any decent auto/brake/tire shop. A little powdered creamer (no milk in that stuff!), a dash of sugar, and even at four in the afternoon, it is delicious.

Even Starbucks has it’s place.  I still maintain that the more syllables in your ‘bucks order, the bigger the Starbucks Snob you are. (That, or you’re of the female persuasion and don’t like “real” coffee)

Ten Syllables is the gateway to Starbucks Snobbery.

-Grande Bold.  Three Syllables.  He’d drink the Wal-Mart coffee, too!

-Double Tall Hazelnut Latte.  Eight Syllables.  Acceptable

-Grande Mocha Frappucino, Double Blended.  Twelve Syllables.  Pushing it.

-Venti No Whip Upside Down Non-Fat Triple Shot Green Tea Frappucino.  Eighteen Syllables.  Not even coffee.  Starbucks Snob.

Post your order in the comments!




4 responses

11 04 2009
The Wife

I resemble that remark! How rude!

Tall Mocha Frap Double Blended.

18 04 2009

8 syllables. You just love yer coffee.

17 04 2009

Tall White Chocolate Mocha, Hot, Stirred Well, No Whip

The stirring does make a difference.

18 04 2009

12 Syllables. Starbucks Snob.

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