Face Time

17 03 2009

Students are busy these days. I almost feel like I need to set appointments up a week ahead of time to have lunch with a kid.

Was I this busy in High School? I know I played sports, was involved in Youth Group, hung out with friends. But if my Youth Pastor called and wanted to have lunch… I dropped everything and went.

I don’t think it’s me. I think kids are busy. Too busy. And the stuff they are busy with is really not important when it comes to what really matters.

How do I help them slow down?




One response

18 03 2009
Masters Commission

We are finding here in South Eastern PA, that we have to start with the parents who have so bought into the SUCCESS mindset, that they are modeling for and pushing their kids into over-scheduled lives. We want them to be well rounded so they have to play 3 sports, be captain of the team, 1st chair in the band, lead in the school musical, and have a church activity and a charity service group all on their resume so they can look good for colleges. Even the boy and girl scout programs are taking a back seat. So I think it starts with parent training. We talk about this in our Master’s Commission program and encourage them to unpack the over-schedule issue with teens who they are building relationships with. We encourage them to ask a lot of questions from a quizical stand point to see if the teenagers can explain why they are so busy… especially if they hate the fact that they are so busy. And then we try to publish our youth events calendar as far ahead as possible for our main staple events that we do every year, so that parents can plan around it. just my two cents. If you have any of those over scheduled teens who decide they don’t know where they want to go to college or what they want to major in, perhaps consider sending them our way. We specialize in helping aimless high school graduates discern God’s will for their lives over a period of 9 months while getting them 36 college credits along the way. hope something there helps. –drew–

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