They’re listening!

11 02 2009

A month ago, I had a heart to heart with two guys. I shared that I see them as leaders, and that when God gets a hold of their lives, they are going to do amazing things!

I always wonder how much of that sinks in…

Last Sunday, one of the guys little sisters walks up and says “I heard you tell Brother that you think he’s gonna be a great leader… he was telling me and mom about it this morning.” Mind you, this was three weeks after that conversation.

I guess he was listening.


That’s no way to start a Birthday

5 02 2009

Number 4 (our youngest for the uninitiated) came into our bedroom at 2:30 a.m.  This is one of my least favorite parts of fatherhood- the early morning wake up.

Ordinarily, I would either a)toss him back into his bed -or- b)make him sleep on a couple of pillows on the floor.  Maybe it was due to the fact that today is my 32nd Birthday, but I let him crawl into bed with us.  He fell asleep after moving over to cuddle with mommy… and then I moved him down to the pillows on the floor.

I couldn’t fall back asleep.

So here I sit, Blogging.  Is this really what I want to be doing at 5:30 a.m. on my Birthday?

Nope.  Going back to bed.

Hello world!

5 02 2009

I’ve been toying with the idea of a blog that’s all my own- a place where I can “vent my spleen” occasionally, share with no on in particular the joys and trials of my life, and just be myself.

This is MY blog.